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Cases Involving DCPP (Formerly DYFS)

Child Protection and Permanency is New Jersey’s child protection and child welfare agency within the Department of Children and Families. Its mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of children, and permanency within the family unit. Under Title 9 and Title 30 of New Jersey law, CP&P must investigate all reports of child abuse and neglect.

Parenting is the best avocation in the world, and the hardest one. When problems arise in a family, it is often the children who suffer. At some point, CP&P may enter the life of the family. This generally happens when the agency has received some report of abuse and/or neglect of the child or children, or the risk of abuse or neglect.  An agency investigator will respond to the child’s home. At that point, the parent’s rights and options may be unclear.  The agency investigator will gather information to determine whether the report of abuse or neglect can be substantiated. Many people believe that to “cooperate” with the agency is the only option or the best option. This may or may not be true.  CPP has obligations, just as the parents do. They must prove their case.

If, after the investigation, the report of abuse and or neglect is not substantiated, or “unfounded” the agency will have no further involvement with the family, and the matter will be closed.

If the abuse or neglect is substantiated, that means that the agency found evidence that a child was harmed or placed at substantial risk of harm.  CPP will likely try to impose services or obligations upon the parents.  Must parents take them? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

At Claire Scully Attorney At Law, we understand this area of law is complicated. The stakes are huge to children and their families. Attorney Claire Scully has years of experience in Family Court matters involving DCPP. She has represented parents, as well as children, at all phases of the litigation and even in cases in which the family court does not become involved.

Do not try to navigate a case involving DCPP alone.

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