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Freehold, NJ


Special Needs Attorney in Freehold, NJ

Individuals with special needs often face difficult legal challenges. These circumstances can impact your ability to secure employment, maintain your income and live with the dignity to which you’re entitled. If you’re facing legal issues related to special needs, you should turn to a lawyer you can trust to put your best interests first. In Freehold, NJ, that lawyer is Claire Scully Attorney At Law.

Here to Help in Challenging Situations

Claire Scully Attorney At Law is equipped to handle matters relating to special needs law.  Claire Scully Attorney At Law understands that any sort of legal battle can take a toll on you mentally and physically and for this reason pledges to offer the ongoing support you and your family need. 

If you’re involved in a legal battle involving persons or situations that require special needs, don't go it alone: Claire Scully Attorney At Law is on hand to help.  Call today to schedule your consultation and let Claire Scully Attorney At Law offer you the compassionate legal service you need during this difficult time.